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Conveniently access Notice of Assessments, Statements of Account, Proof of Income, T-Slips, and CCB Information.


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Using Fastkey has been an enormous step for efficiency and fraud prevention. Overnight it became an irreplaceable part of my business process.

Enhance security and ensure the authenticity of essential documents

Receiving a Notice of Assessment, Statement of Account, or other financial documents directly from the CRA provides a higher degree of confidence in the authenticity, accuracy, and security of the information. Reduce the risk of falling victim to fraud, identity theft, or other malicious activities that can arise from interacting with potentially unreliable sources.

Easily select the documents & history you require from an applicant

Financial institutions and private lenders frequently seek to examine all Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) documents. This assessment aims to verify a borrower's ability to meet financial obligations, withstand stress tests and ascertain the absence of any potential capital gains tax liabilities beyond the scope of regularly reported income.

CRA Documents
Notice of Assessments

Notice of Assessments

Statement of Account

Statement of Account

Proof of Income Statement

Proof of Income Statement



CCB Details

CCB Details

How it works

Step 1

Send a request to an applicant

Enter your clients contact info and send them a request for CRA documents.

Step 2

Applicants authorize Fastkey

Applicants get SMS and email notifications advising them how to add Fastkey as an Authorized Representative.

Step 3

Get your documents

Once authorized, Fastkey will retrieve your required documents from the CRA & make them available for you to download

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$19.99+ GST

Pricing includes the last 2 years by default. Every additional year would be an additional $4.99

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