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Conduct a criminal record check and have one of Fastkey’s policing partners search the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) & associated databases.


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Conducting criminal background checks on new employees is crucial for businesses to mitigate risks, protect assets, and ensure legal compliance. By identifying individuals with a criminal record, companies can create a safer working environment and uphold their duty to provide security for employees. Safeguard the integrity you've established with your clients, associates, and team members. Your most valuable resource is trust. Criminal background checks also enhance a company's reputation, foster trust among clients and partners, and lead to better hiring decisions, ultimately promoting workplace productivity and reducing the potential for costly negligent hiring claims.



Conducting a name-based criminal background check on potential tenants is a prudent and responsible practice for landlords. By taking this step, landlords can prioritize the safety and well-being of their property, other tenants, and the surrounding community. A criminal background check can help mitigate potential risks and ensures a secure living environment for all residents. It also allows landlords to make informed decisions, selecting tenants who are likely to uphold the rules and regulations of the property, fostering a harmonious community atmosphere. Furthermore, implementing criminal record checks showcases a commitment to due diligence and responsible property management, which can ultimately enhance the property's reputation and attract desirable tenants in the long run.

Confidence is your most valuable business resource.

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Companies prioritize safety via employee and customer background checks.

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In 2020, identity fraud cases surged by 41%, posing increased risk to employers.

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Negligent hiring lawsuits carry an average financial burden of $1 million.

What check is right for you?

Database SearchedStandard Criminal Record CheckEnhanced Criminal Record Check
Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)checkcheck
Police Information Portal (PIP)checkcheck
Niche RMScheckcheck

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Pricing for a Criminal Record Check

Standard Criminal Record Check

A Standard Criminal Record Check examines the federal Canadian criminal records database, providing results linked to the candidate's name and date of birth. The verification ensures the precision of disclosed criminal convictions, encompassing indictable, hybrid, and summary offenses without a granted pardon. It's essential to note that not all summary convictions may be reported, leading to occasional limitations in confirmation through this check.

$30.99 + GST

Enhanced Criminal Record Check

An Enhanced Canadian Criminal Record Check, known as a Judicial Matters Check in Ontario, encompasses the Basic Canadian Criminal Record Check and extends its scope to include additional searches within the CPIC Investigative Data Bank and/or the Police Information Portal (PIP). The results reported are derived from the candidate's name and date of birth. This check not only confirms the accuracy of disclosed criminal convictions from the CPIC database but also validates the presence of any disclosable record information. This information spans summary convictions, outstanding warrants, pending court charges, indictable offenses, peace bonds, as well as any prohibitions or probation orders. The search covers both the CPIC Investigative Data Bank and the PIP, providing a thorough examination of the candidate's criminal history.

$36.99 + GST

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Receive your candidates criminal record check

Our policing partners will complete the check and upon completion, have the report issued to you.

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