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Verify an applicants identity with ease

Verify the authenticity of government-issued ID documents globally with biometric authentication.


David Ford

Mortgage Broker


Using Fastkey has been an enormous step for efficiency and fraud prevention. Overnight it became an irreplaceable part of my business process.

Confirm Identification & ensure KYC compliance

Verify identity documents from over 100 countries

Biometric ID verification matches selfies of your face with the photo on the ID

Verify ID document authenticity

Detect spoofed photos with AI

Guided selfie photo taking

Asses income

How it works

Step 1

Enter your candidates information

Select ID verification, then enter your candidates name, phone, and email.

Step 2

Candidate provides an identification document

Applicants will be asked to take a picture of government-issued ID, as well as a selfie.

Step 3

Receive your completed identification report

Using the Stripe Identity API, we'll make it fast and easy for you to verify an applicant's identity using Fastkey.

Simple pricing and ready in minutes

$4.99+ GST

Streamline your applicant screening process, ensuring KYC compliance, and make informed decisions whether you're seeking trustworthy tenants or looking to enhance hiring security for your business.

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Ensure financial responsibility and enhance stability in your business by implementing thorough background screening measures for new hires.