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Bridging old school practices with new school technology.


David Ford

Mortgage Broker


Using Fastkey has been an enormous step for efficiency and fraud prevention. Overnight it became an irreplaceable part of my business process.

Assess income with verified financial data

Self-reported income

Bank inflows are calculated from connected accounts

Stated income vs. bank inflows based on real-time data

Pay stub & supporting documentation provided

Up to 365 days of financial data

Asses income

How it works

Step 1

Enter your candidates information

Enter your applicant’s name, phone number, and email address.

Step 1

Applicant connects account

Applicants get SMS and email notifications to connect their bank account, and will prompted to self-report any income and provide paystub’s/receipt of income.

Step 1

Get accurate income data

Your income report will include several income metrics derived from your applicant’s connected bank account, as well as self-reported metrics by applicants (with uploaded documentation).

Simple pricing and ready in minutes

$6.99+ GST

Our income verification tool seamlessly combines traditional practices with advanced technology. We offer users a familiar experience of entering income details and uploading pay stubs, while behind the scenes, we cross-reference stated income against banking records obtained directly from the users financial institution.

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