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Fastkey has made a world of a difference in allowing us to confidently screen prospective tenants. Their platform is incredibly easy to use and introduced screening tools we had never considered using before.

Elevate your rental process with comprehensive checks

Make well-informed decisions about prospective tenants, ensuring the safety and financial security of your rental properties. Criminal record checks, an Equifax credit bureau check, income verification and identity verification are some of the tools available to you with Fastkey.

Screen for reliable & trustworthy tenants

As a conscientious landlord, ensuring that you welcome responsible and trustworthy tenants is paramount. That's why employing essential tools like criminal background checks and credit bureau checks are a prudent choice. These measures help you gain valuable insights into the prospective tenant's criminal history and financial responsibility, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

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The importance of background checks for landlords

Conducting a thorough background check on a potential tenant is prudent and is a responsible practice for landlords. By taking this step, landlords can prioritize the safety and security of their rental property and the well-being of their neighbors. A background check provides valuable insights into a prospective tenant's past, helping landlords assess any potential risks associated with criminal activity, bankruptcies, collection actions, and more. This process not only helps safeguard your property, but also helps ensure a peaceful and harmonious living environment for all tenants in the community.

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How it works

Step 1

Enter your candidates information

Enter your candidates name, phone, and email. Then select the items you require from them.

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Candidates get email & SMS to share record

Candidates receive email and SMS notifications to complete your requests.

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Receive your candidates documents

Upon completion & authorization by your applicant, you'll receive the finalized documents.

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