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Fastkey is built for Mortgage Brokers

Streamline your workflows for document and financial data retrieval.


David Ford

Mortgage BrokerSparo Mortgage Partners


Using Fastkey has been an enormous step for efficiency and fraud prevention. Overnight it became an irreplaceable part of my business process.

Enhance operational efficiency with Fastkey.

Improve your mortgage brokerage services with Fastkey's suite of tools. Get easy access to important documents like Income Verification, Asset Reports including down payment history, CRA Documents, and Credit Bureau Reports powered by Equifax.

The easy way to grow your business and save your team time.

The key to authentic financial documents & fraud prevention

Rest assured that documents you receive are directly sourced from institutions and are completely authentic. This assurance not only helps streamlines your operations but also safeguards against fraudulent information, ensuring a trustworthy and efficient process.

Feature 1

Accelerate your business with instant financial documents.

Fastkey sources data directly from financial institutions using API's. Once a user connects their account, reports are generated instantly providing you the data you require.

Feature 2

Reduce assessment time

Fastkey can help you speed up your assessment process by working with your client to get required documents such as an asset report, financial data, or documents from the Canada Revenue Agency. We also send automated follow-up emails and text messages to make sure you get what you need quickly.

Feature 3

How it works

Step 1

Enter your candidates information

Enter your candidates name, phone, and email. Then select the items you require from them.

Step 1

Candidates get email & SMS to share record

Candidates receive email and SMS notifications to complete your requests.

Step 1

Receive your candidates documents

Upon completion & authorization by your applicant, you'll receive the finalized documents.

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Ensure financial responsibility and enhance stability in your business by implementing thorough background screening measures for new hires.