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Utilize Fastkey's suite of tools tailored for property managers to make informed decisions that prioritize the well-being and investments of their clients.


Horizon Crest Property Management


Fastkey's user-friendly platform and innovative screening tools have greatly enhanced our ability to select high-quality tenants for our clients.

Leverage comprehensive tools to enhance tenant screening

Savvy property managers recognize the value of employing a multifaceted approach to tenant screening. Managers are provided insightful data by incorporating essential tools such as Criminal Record Checks, Equifax Credit Bureau Reports, Income Verification, and Asset Reports. These comprehensive measures provide a holistic view of prospective tenants allowing property managers to assess financial stability, gauge risk factors, and ensure tenant reliability.

The key to stress free real estate investments

By efficiently handling property-related tasks and tenant interactions, property managers relieve homeowners of the day-to-day burdens of property ownership. Incorporating these safeguards allows the owners you serve to enjoy the benefits of their investments without the associated hassles and stress.

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The importance of background checks for property managers

Conducting thorough background checks on potential tenants is a prudent practice for property managers. Utilizing Fastkey's tools provides essential insights into a tenant's history, helping property managers assess any concerns related to criminal behavior or poor credit. This proactive approach safeguards the property and fosters a peaceful living environment for all community residents.

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How it works

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Enter your candidates information

Enter your candidates name, phone, and email. Then select the items you require from them.

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Candidates get email & SMS to share record

Candidates receive email and SMS notifications to complete your requests.

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Receive your candidates documents

Upon completion & authorization by your applicant, you'll receive the finalized documents.

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Ensure financial responsibility and enhance stability in your business by implementing thorough background screening measures for new hires.